Zip Records is an independent record label based in San Francisco and Amsterdam - established in 1997 by Arthur Herman.

From its inception to today, Zip Records has released over 125 titles. About half of the albums are licensed; the others are masters, owned and copyrighted by the company.

Distribution in the U.S. and Canada is done through SONY/RED and in the Benelux, distribution is by PIAS/Rough Trade.



Zip Records truly represents with artists from around the world. During the initial few years of the labels existence, most of the artists were based in Sweden and the U.K. In 2001, Zip acquired Spinning Top Records of Perth, Australia and inherited several succesful Australian artists such as The Chevelles and P76. In 2006, Zip Records became associated with Zwaard Music, a Dutch artist management company and has subsequently released numerous albums of Dutch repertoire (e.g. Kensington, Angela Moyra, Jelka van Houten and Sabrina Starke). Also represented are artists located in the U.K. (Colin Blunstone), Sweden (Rebecca Tornquist), Singapore, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Serbia and Brazil.

The most distinguishing feature of Zip Records is its diversity of genres. Releases have included hip-hop, funk, singer-songwriter, world, guitar pop, punk, rock, Afro/beat, electro and even three classical titles.

Zip Records has a small staff and works primarily with outside publicists, promotors, agents and radio pluggers. About 90% of the label titles are released with tangible CDs and all are available through digital pay and subscription sites. About 10% of the releases are also available in vinyl format.

Zip Records intends to continue to expand its repertoire across the world and balance its identity as a traditional label together with the new technological opportunities available today.