Named after a cult UK TV series, Autons make music in the vein of electro rock ’n roll. It’s hands-in-the-air up tempo infectious music; their sound is just familiar enough to be called accessible and novel enough to be … original. The debut single by UK’s three piece Autons was called “Snakes”, released with glorious praise in Britain during the summer of 2006. Hailed as “genius”, Radio One and MTV Europe blasted the single on the airwaves. “Snakes” was voted as the runner-up in the year end 2006 Festive Fifty (the annual John Peel independent single poll). In 2007, Autons performed their eclectic and electric songs around the UK and similarly gained a fabulous reputation for delivering their superbly mischievous sets to live audiences. Their music has gone down well in Soho strip bars as well as rock ‘n roll festivals. Lead singer Dave Jones was also the main guy in the infamous late 90’s band “Screeper” (the planned first band release for Zip Records!). Ray was the songwriter and guitarist for UK punk legends Red Letter Day (captured on Zip Records). Keyboard/programmer Tony is the Portsmouth wunderkind who has “done it all” (and is still disease free!). Although Zip Records came late to the “Screeper” party, the label wasted no time signing Autons for the US. Autons notoriety has led to legendary UK independent label Shifty Disco releasing the band’s second single, “Firebird, in April 2007, and a third single (May 2007) “It’s a Strange Thing” features one-half of Ralph Records artists Renaldo and the Loaf. The album song “Maybe” appeared in a high profile climate change movie in the summer of 2007. “Short Term Manifesto” was released in May 2007 in the UK.