Amsterdam’s Birgit craves the spotlight. A singer, actress and TV personality, Birgit does it all with an air of style and fun. Birgit’s songs reflect her unique attributes. Full throttle rock ‘n roll, tingling ballads and pop songs alternate on her debut US release. Provocative, unique, powerful, lovely and exotic are all words used to describe her music. An acclaimed actress, Birgit has appeared in numerous movies such as the leading roles in the 2004 blockbuster “Floris” and the 2005 Dutch TV series “Lieve Lust”. Finishing a three month run of David Mamet’s “Sexual Perversity” in January 2007, Birgit takes the lead in the off Broadway musical “Last 5 Years” from March through May 2007. Living her whole life in Holland and raised just outside Amsterdam (Utrecht), Birgit is of Surinamese, Antilian and Chinese descent. This international stew is evidenced by her recording of Hardrocking Diva in Chinese- a bonus track on the album. Originally signed to Virgin Records in 2001, Birgit was nominated for Best Album and Best Singer for her debut album “Few Like Me”. Fortuitous for this present collection of songs, the EMI buyout of Virgin allowed Birgit to pursue a new course! Although proud of the Virgin album, Birgit says with humility that True Stories I Made Up “ a thousand times better than my first album. It is the album I always dreamt to make.” This is a work which oozes with happiness (”I’m 29 and very happy” she says) –her contentment in life is reflected in each song and the listener can’t help but be swept up too. In conclusion, we have here superb songs, an incredible voice- one featured in the Dutch voice-dubbing of “Ice Age”, “Sponge Bob (the movie)”, etc. and a provocative personality, all adding to the mix found on True Stories I Made Up. Once “released” from her acting commitments, Birgit will be appearing in the US in July to support and promote “True Stories I Made Up”. The introduction of “Tsunami” to US radio was carried out in February of 2007. With an extensive tour in 2011-2012 "Het Grote Verlangen", Birgit is working on her newest album to be released in the US, due out summer of 2012.