Australian guitar pop doesn’t get any better than this. Former lead singer, songwriter and mastermind of P76, Danny McDonald continues to hone the perfectly crafted melodies of that group on his brand new full length “Summer City”

The 2002 release by Zip Records of P76’s “Into The Sun” was heralded as one of the best pop releases of that year; the single “Sleepin’ In” was a massive radio hit on Australian JJJ as well as commercial stations throughout Australia.

“Summer City” manages to imbue local Australian references in a way that ups the originality meter yet fits comfortably in the pop terrain familiar to American audiences. Heading to the beach as dawn’s first light hits, soaking up the summer sunshine and brilliant odes to rustbelt country towns are all themes addressed in the eleven tracks.

For fans of guitar pops, hooks and ringing cords….they are all here. Add some country-punk, garage, ballads and surf and the full picture of the album emerges.

With almost 10 years of relentless touring to every corner of Australia, Danny McDonald has earned a reputation as one of Australia’s favorite pop artists. Taking cues from Aussie legends The Sterns, You Am I, and the Hoodo Gurus, Danny lyrically fixates upon ‘70’s Australian (surf) culture. “Summer City” continues Australia’s great tradition of fun, sun-bleached rock’n’roll and a bit of melancholic isolation awareness.

“Summer City” includes the radio single “Soaking Up The Sunshine” and captures the sound of an artist with serious pop credentials!

“Another prefect soundtrack to the summer days from Danny McDonald’s workshop!”
‘Popism’ (Belgrade, Yugoslavia) March 2003