Defunkt (featuring Joe Bowie) is in a class by itself. Attending the "school of funk"  for the past 35 years, they have been leaders in jazz, funk, and rock throughout Europe and the United States from the beginning until this date. 

If evolution truly rewards the survivors who are the fittest, Defunkt have grown into the masters of their genre.  Of the same species as Grandmaster Flash, Miles Davis, Parliament, and James Brown, the modern Defunkt are not only carrying the torch, but setting fires along the way.

The band's new single "Allergy for the U.S. " continues their tradition of  presenting music to further and salute truth, honesty and awareness. Spearheaded by the multi talented trombonist and band leader Joe Bowie, "Allergy" was one of the most labor intensive and innovative songs to have ever been recorded by this American/Dutch hybrid band. 

"Allergy" symbolises Bowie's focus on presenting music as a force of change and growth, all the while maintaining the primal feel of rhythm and beat.  For this single, Bowie assembled a combination of musicians from his classic U.S. Defunkt outfit and guitarist Rocco Zifarelli of "nEU Soul" (Defunkt) band which tours extensively throughout Europe. This amazing rhythm section is joined by "Lois Lanes’s" Monique Klemann on backbground vocals, Hans Dulfer and 4 of Holland’s most prestigious Saxophonists with Americans Chazzy Green and New Wave pioneer James White aka James Chance.

 This unique ensemble has also been dubbed "the Sax Pistols".

In addition to these star players, of major note is the fact that the lyricist for "Allergy" is non other than the noted Netherlands based artist Hilarius Hofstede.  Hofstede's mission to "counter the Globilization of the Mind" has been accomplished here.

An historic recording session in Amsterdam in 2014 culminated in a return of these same players to a live airing of the track "Allergy for the U.S." at Amsterdam’s Sugar Factory (among a full set of Defunkt classics).

We are pleased to report that Joe Bowie judiciously favoured "Allergy" (and its "one off" team of Sax Pistols) to be absent from the full length Mastervolt recording. Instead, whether considered a teaser for the upcoming full length, or a song standing on its own merits, "Allergy for the U.S." is a masterpiece of hip shaking funk, provocative lyrics and sophisticated musicianship deserving of its "single" status.

Zip Records (Amsterdam and San Francisco) is the fortunate record label to have become involved with Defunkt for the first time in 2014. Initially enticed by the prospect for a new Defunkt album (the first studio album in 10 years), this new full length, aptly titled "Mastervolt", will be released worldwide in October 2015.


"Allergy for the U.S."  will be released in the Benelux (through PIAS/Rough Trade) on June 5th 2015 and in North America (SONY) in August 2015.



Only available in Benelux

Only available in Benelux