Delicious Monsters are a nine-piece Afro/Pop funk band from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Their music is a blend of influences, tied together by an infectious and melodic feel, which can be enjoyed by audiences everywhere. Whether one is familiar with the South African mbaqanga or Afro-beat from Fela Kuti, there is no mistaking the universal language of the spirited groove found on “Fried and Twisted”. Mixed in are also examples of more mellow rhythms but the overall theme is “put on your dancing shoes” and play it all the way through. The band is led by Zimbabwe born Simon Murumahoko and his lead vocals perfectly capture the cadence of the bands’ Afro-pop leanings.


Behind Simon’s guitar and vocals are eight veterans of the Afro-pop scene in the Netherlands. Including a four piece horn section, Delicious Monsters are like a hybrid of “Tower of Power” and “The Specials”. Although Delicious Monsters is a relatively new band name, the group has been together for almost twenty years! In fact, one of the attractions of the band the U.S. based Zip Records was the bands’ dedication to their craft absent any need to deliver a recording. With year round weekly practice sessions, this is a band, which enjoys what they do, and such love of the music shines through on “Fried & Twisted”.


Delicious Monsters are not only a studio band; over the years they have also played throughout Holland with additional appearances in Germany, France, Belgium and at the Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary.


Delicious Monsters will be performing songs from Fried & Twisted in a major venue in Amsterdam with additional performances to be announced shortly. Two excellent videos (“Mercy Me” and “Omolatidee”) will be released prior to the release date. The album will be released in North America, also on Zip Records and distributed by SONY/RED.






Only available in Benelux

Only available in Benelux

Fried & Twisted