Hans Dulfer, the world famous Dutch saxophone player joined forces with all-round drummer/producer Cyril Directie to record the almost entirely improvised album 'Duo Dulfer Directie'.

The project was initiated by Directie after he watched an old video of them jamming together. They agreed there would be no preparations prior to the sessions, the aim was to capture the magic of their long-standing musical synergy. After two fruitful days of recording, they couldn't resist inviting their friends to contribute to what became a 'duo-plus-album.'

Hans Dulfer is considered one of the most outstanding and versatile saxophone players in Holland. A jazz-musician in origin, Dulfer has blended his music with all prevailing musical trends and styles. The list of musicians Hans Dulfer (1940) has worked with is endless. He has also hosted jazz-radio programs, written columns in music-magazines, he co-founded the BIM-Huis and was chairman of rock-venue Paradiso in Amsterdam. He has won the prestigious Bird Award and is big in Japan.

Cyril Directie (1970) is one of the most sought after drummers in the Dutch music scene, playing a wide variety of styles (jazz, funk, soul, pop, hip-hop and dance). He performed with the New Cool Collective, the Daughters of Soul and many others. Directie also is a popular figure on Dutch TV, he engages in clinics and master-classes and has lectured at the Amsterdam Conservatory.

On June 15, the self titled album will be released both on CD and vinyl.



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Duo Dulfer Directie OUT June 15th

Duo Dulfer Directie OUT June 15th