Ghost vs. Sanne is fronted by 22-year-old Sanne Karlsson, one of the most exciting new singers emerging from the Stockholm “soul underground” scene. Sanne’s unique and accessible vocal style permeates the music. Her voice reveals a vocal delivery that is strong yet vulnerable – somewhat like Dusty Springfield’s and also soulful and R&B based like Mary J. Blige. Sanne has been showered with praise following numerous performances in Sweden, Finland and New York in 2008 and her upcoming appearance will be buttressed by her new material.
The Ghost part of the group (Ulf Lindstrom and Johan Ekhe) is perhaps Sweden’s most sought after and legendary songwriter/producer teams. Over the last 15 years, they have worked with many international artists, and their successes have included the 3 multi-platinum albums by Robyn. They were also thrice nominated and won a Swedish Grammy for Best Pop Song in 2006. 
Ghost vs. Sanne will be touring and performing in the United States throughout the entire month of September. The tour will cover New York, Boston, Philadelphia and other East Coast metro areas. One of the highlights is their appearance at Joe’s Pub on September 6th. Serving as an introduction, a promotion of the September digital release and a precursor to official album release in January, such tour will effectively showcase the sensational singer to US audiences.
Ghost vs. Sanne will be appearing on Sirius Satellite Radio in a live broadcast during the second week of September. Tour and album publicity will be through Good Cop PR. - See more at: