Jelka (pronounced “Yelka”) is a singer, actress and songwriter who resides in Amsterdam. After many years doing film, television and award winning stage productions in the Netherlands, U.K. and U.S, Jelka has at last, written and recorded her debut full length album.


The fall 2015 release of Jelka’s CD will be done simultaneously in North America and Europe. Julia’s album was recorded in Memphis at Sun Studios and the songs evoke sounds and emotions more akin to Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn than her Dutch contemporaries. Influential Nashville producers and songwriters have been raving about this “Dutch girl” who has the voice and styling many American born singers can only dream of.


Jelka notes that, “from when I was a kid, I have always been listening to folk, Americana and country music. I was particularly drawn to records of Emmy Lou Harris; The Band, Little Feet, Crosby, Nash and Stills, and Dolly Parton. I would put these albums on and they became my window into a whole world somewhere else.”


Perhaps Julia was born in the wrong country? “Telling people in Holland, in the 1990’s that country and western music was my passion proved to be an unpopular admission! However, my preferences were given credence when I finally got to Tennessee for the first time…it was everything I imagined and provided the impetus to write songs in this Southern sensibility.”


Zip Records will be the label releasing Jelka van Houten’s soon to be titled album. Distribution in the U.S. will be through SONY/RED and in the Benelux countries through Rough Trade.



NEW ALBUM / only available in Benelux

NEW ALBUM / only available in Benelux

Hard Place For A Dreamer