The debut album by the Scandinavian four-piece indie pop band LOOPY hits the U.S.! With classic melodic pop music compositions, LOOPY provide fans of all ages a reason to get excited about nineties indie pop once again. LOOPY break new creative ground with unique, dramatically melancholic pop, through achingly beautiful vocals by lead singer Leiv Aasen. Based in Copenhagen, LOOPY is an amalgam of Scandinavian talent. Lead singer Leiv is Norwegian, drummer Mathias Elovsson is Swedish, and bassist Klaus Bendix and guitarist Martin "7" Norgreen are Danish. They have been honing their bold, hi-fi and skilfully wrought music through ambitious local touring over the past two years. "Smile Back Home" contains 10 songs of warmth, poignant lyrics, surprising arrangements and unshakeable melodies that won't leave your head. "Nowhere Near Alright" is one such track. Its "infectiousness" can likely be traced to producer Thomas Troelsen, also the producer for Danish band Junior Senior's international 2004 hit, "Move Your Feet". The initial single release for Denmark, "Campari Chaser" is another potential hit for the album. Mixed by Ken Stringfellow (keyboardist for R.E.M. and solo recording genius), this track features the finer elements of post adolescent guitar pop. EMI Denmark will be the distributor for "Smile Back Home" within Denmark while Noiz Music (an imprint of EMI) has signed the band for that territory. LOOPY appears on the soundtrack of the movie "Pusher II", a Danish movie, which opened on December 25, 2004. Universal Music released the soundtrack album in Denmark on December 13. The movie and soundtrack will appear throughout the U.S. in 2005. This movie is the sequel to one of the highest grossing films from Scandinavia of all time. LOOPY has scored significant radio play on Danish national station P3 for the aforementioned "Nowhere Near Alright"; single "Campari Chaser" will be the track featured for U.S. radio. LOOPY will be the subject of a heavy college radio campaign throughout the month of March 2005 and early April. The song “Campari Chaser” will be going for radio ads on March 14 and advertising in CMJ print and online publications will be prominent of the six week period after release date. They will be touring in the U.S. in late spring to promote the album stateside.