Born and raised in the Amsterdam area, Monique Klemann is no stranger to music fans throughout the Netherlands. Platinum Records, hit singles and big European tours were where it started; it has been uphill ever since and “Coool”  is the pinnacle of her musical evolution. .

On the back of a successful career in pop music with her band Lois Lane, Monique Klemann embarked on a solo career which started in 2007 with album “On Patrol”. More jazz than pop, she began to explore a new sensual sound which brought rave reviews and confidence to keep one foot in ever popular Lois Lane and one foot in her solo explorations.

Fast forward to 2016 and the time was ripe for her to record new songs which evolved from dreams and passion to a live recording studio. “Coool” is the first taste of Monique’s new album and exemplifies everything we expect from a classic summer song - except in this case, it sounds even better in other seasons. It is the epitome of cool.

Monique has never sounded better.

The beauty of “Coool” and other new songs is that they perfectly portray what Monique describes as a new feeling of ease and purpose during the creative process of writing and arranging. The “new Monique” represents a freedom from audience expectations. “With Lois Lane, I had a responsibility to keep abreast with contemporary sounds and adapt to current trends. With my solo work, I am more free to be intuitive and fuse my sound with not only disparate genres, but I also enjoy blending melodies and lyrics from the 50’s through to the present”.

Collaborations with other songwriters has also sparked a new awakening for Monique’s prestigious talents. Between her discovery of Arien Molema and the keen melodic sense of husband Jeroen den Hengst (Beatcream, Birgit Schuurman), a slew of new songs were born in 2016 and became the focus for new recordings.

Adding more fuel to the “Coool” fire, Monique’s recent friendship with the notorious jazz singer Coco Zhao blossomed into a duet (“Coool” - the Chinese version) which will not only be a novelty for Dutch audiences, but will also result in “Coool” being released in China on that country's JZ label - part of the eponymous jazz club in Shanghai of the same name.

Further in the future, there are plans for a Benelux tour and full album in conjunction with Coco. Supplementing her own songs and appearances, duets with Coco will round out the reinvention of Monique Klemann.

“Coool” is released by the San Francisco/Amsterdam label Zip Records. In addition to Monique, label head Arthur Herman has also signed Sabrina Starke, Jelka van Houten, Birgit Schuurman, a balladeer, Defunkt and many other Dutch musical acts.

Together with prominent producers Sven Figee and Roland Dirkse, the atmospheric and romantic touches were conceived and born. The laidback and groovy sounds heard on the “Coool” EP were also benefited by the talents of Joost Kroon on drums, Jeroen Vierdag on bass and double bass  and the aforementioned Sven Figee on keys.

Publicity will be by Sandra Bulthuis and radio promotion is handled by Erik Timmermans (ET).



 EP "Coool" Available Nov 4th

EP "Coool" Available Nov 4th

 Single ft. Coco Zhao "Coool"

Single ft. Coco Zhao "Coool"