“Where Are You, Bambi Woods?” is the debut US release by the acclaimed Dutch band a balladeer. Signed to EMI in the Netherlands and with a history of hit singles form their two albums, a balladeer have created songs relevant to American audiences and inspired by the “American Dream”.

Amsterdam’s Marinus de Goederen, singer and songwriter of a balladeer, spent one year living in the United States and such experience, combined with his fascination with “the land of the free” results in a melodic interpretation of the American experience unlike anything created by American songwriters.
The title track concerns the disappearance of cult porn movie star (Debbie Does Dallas) Bambi Woods and when singer Marinus “did Dallas” himself for a year, the intensity and bazaar ness of such experience became the influence for the albums’ lyrically driven pop/rock songs.

The wistful and beautiful single “Oh, California” manages to convey a longing and a dream both personal and universal. Such perspective continues on the poignant song about Jackie Kennedy (Nightmare on Elm Street) and the chilling and moving ode to murdered gay university student Matthew Shepard (Poster Child).

“Where Are You, Bambi Woods?” also contains the two hit singles from the predecessor album “Panama” (“Swim with Sam” and “Fortune Teller”) and the newly recorded zinger “Dead As Disco”.
American audiences will hear influences of Counting Crows, John Mayer and American Music Club. However, the spirit of the music, despite it’s pop leanings, changes with each song and deepens with each listen.


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