Angela Moyra is a Dutch singer-songwriter - living in California for the past 5 years, she has now returned to the netherlands to finish her new album. Her first album Fickle Island (2014) got a great deal of recognition in both the U.S and the Netherlands. her latest singles “You, Me & the Sea” and “aine” have more then 2 million streams on Spotify. We visited her hometown Zaandijk - where she showed us the home she grew up in and a few of her favourite things.

I’ve been living in California for the last 5 years and been missing life in the Netherlands since I became a mama last year. So Im staying here for the rest of the year to enjoy family/friends time. Meanwhile Im still in the process of finishing my album with David Ott (my producer, love, babydaddy) in LA. Trying to finish that damn thing!

I always put my ukulele in a suitcase and hope it won’t break. So far so good!

I love waking up to beautiful weather and palmtrees everyday. There’s amazing healthy food! I don’t miss some of Hollywoods fake people haha.

Planning to enjoy some me-time (while my mom babysits) and making more music. Also want to travel a bit in Europe - Ibiza and Greece are my favorite destinations.

  • My moms Indonesian food

  • Kibbeling

  • Broodje met duo penotti

Learn to play an instrument. Don’t feel bad about writing stupid crappy songs - they will lead you to your best song yet. It’s gonna be a journey - be patient, believe in yourself and practise.