The U.S. debut of one of Holland’s most beloved singers is imminent. Perhaps best described as a “singer/soul writer”, Sabrina Starke has the sound, look and feel of a truly international talent and her music is universal and genre bending.

Sabrina Starke's latest album ‘Sabrina Starke’, first released on September 25th of 2015 in the Netherlands, (Zip Records) is her most personal album so far. The themes she writes about are self-awareness and dreams as she looks critically at herself and the world we live in. “Sabrina Stake’ is the fourth full length of her career, but the first album she has produced herself and one which marks a huge development in her musical development. It sounds like her lifetime dreams have come true.

Born in Paramaribo, Suriname, she now resides in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The album "Sabrina Starke" references Nina Simone, Bill Withers and Tracy Chapman as its sources of inspiration. It is funky, soulful, moving, sumptuous, delightful and one of those rare albums that can be enjoyed on a Saturday night or a Sunday morning.

Winning a prestigious talent award in Amsterdam in 2006, Sabrina was invited to perform at the Apollo Theater in New York that same year. This became the springboard for her debut album and hit single “Do For Love” (2008). The album was released by Blue Note/EMI and remained in the album charts for 52consecutive weeks and achieved Platinum status. Two years after the release of ‘Yellow Brick Road”, Starke’s successful second album “Bags & Suitcases” came out. Recorded in Miami and produced by Pete Wallace (Pink, Herbie Hancock), this was followed by the album “Outside the Box” and “The Songs of Bill Withers” (awarded “Best Album of 2013” by Radio 6 in Holland).

“Sabrina Starke” (Zip Records 2016) continues her musical and thematic path with some of the same soulful elements as always, but also a refreshing update of her love for funky beats and inspirational lyrics. When released in the Netherlands in late 2015, the album immeditely went high up in the carts (#11). In March 2016, it re-entered the charts and continues to be one of the top sellers in its category in the Benelux countries of Europe.

A regular at the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival, Sabrina was the first Dutch artist to be selected for the summer 2016 event.

Sabrina and her band will be engaged in a tour of the U.S. east coast in the days immediately following the release date. These will occur between June 8 and June 13 and radio ads are planned for April and May throughout the US.

Publicity by the Planetary Group (Los Angeles) will round out the initial promotion for Sabrina Starke’s introduction to U.S. audiences. This will include radio, print and internet mediums as well as tour publicity in the various east coast markets.





 US DEBUT / OUT JUNE 3rd 2016

US DEBUT / OUT JUNE 3rd 2016

  NEW ALBUM / only available in Benelux

NEW ALBUM / only available in Benelux

Starke is honest, raw, lovable and this album encompasses all of that. “Sabrina Starke” (album) and as an artist is worth checking out, you will not be disappointed.
— WLOY - Loyola Radio