Sabrina Starke is a self-made, awarding-winning Singer-Songwriter, Producer, and Self-Empowerment Ambassador residing in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Hailing from Surinam, the initial spark of creativity entered her life at a very young age thanks to her musically inclined family. 

Sabrina's voice is both melodic and powerful, jolting one's heart wide-awake. Her one-of-kind sound is greatly influenced by traditional soul, folk, hip-hop and reggae. 

Sabrina received a number of prestigious awards for her soul-soothing music, including two Edison Awards (Best Newcomer of 2009 & the Edison Jazzism Peoples Choice) and two Radio 6 Awards (Best Album 2013 & Best Song 2015). 

A personal note from Bill Wither to her album that has always inspired her is "You are gifted and a gift to the world". This is a message she strives to emphasize in each and every song.

Throughout the span of less than a decade, Sabrina has released 5 albums and a multitude of singles. In 2008, she released “Yellow Brick Road” (album) and “Do for Love” (single). That debut was quickly picked up by Blue Note the following year and re-released, staying on the top album charts for 52 consecutive weeks while becoming certified platinum. Her fifth and self-titled album was released in 2015. That album marked an important point in her life, which is all about identity and redefining herself. And her mission in life was born that year: to utilize herself and her creative talents to inspire people to think consciously about their lives and about SELF. 

Sabrina Starke has been working on multiple creative ventures. She successfully produced two shows, “The Soul of Reggae” and “Imagine: the Power of Music.” And is on a mission to expand her creative talents. 

2018 will mark a special point in her career as she will celebrate her 10th years anniversary. A moment she will pinpoint with the release of her six self written studio album on which she will sing about the life lessons she’s had the past years. Her new Album “Underneath the surface” has become another storybook about “SELF”  in which she takes the listener on a journey. You can suspect the unexpected because each song has it’s own flavor and touch. Rooted in Soul, Hip hop and Folk and blues she invites the listener to look closer into the layers of our own lives. It’s all about discovery and embracing whatever we’ll find. 

To support the album and to build further on her mission to inspire. She will debut as an art curator of her first exhibition named “Who do you think you are?” in which we will explore the beauty and complexity of a multidimensional identity through the eyes of a local and international artists. She wants to further connect with her audience on a different level. From Sept 28 till nov 26 art and music lovers can visit and participate into this multi-disciplined crossover experience at TENT Rotterdam. 

Armed with her guitar and a social heart this creative soul will continue to share her talents with the world. 






US DEBUT / OUT JUNE 3rd 2016

US DEBUT / OUT JUNE 3rd 2016

NEW ALBUM / only available in Benelux

NEW ALBUM / only available in Benelux

Starke is honest, raw, lovable and this album encompasses all of that. “Sabrina Starke” (album) and as an artist is worth checking out, you will not be disappointed.
— WLOY - Loyola Radio