Zip Records signee SAND differs from most artists new to the label in that the bands’ individual resumes encompass a who’s who of rock and roll. There’s a history to speak of, but while many of the members of SAND’s peers have become oldsters, these guys have reinvented themselves. Don’t let the history books fool you. Kim Fowley is the true father of California’s rock ‘n’ roll, as well as an accomplished songwriter, recording artist, producer, radio personality, business manager and poet. Elevating the cult status of Kim Fowley even more is the imminent release of debut album by SAND, a new band with Roy Swedeen and other notables. The record is aptly entitled “The West is Best”. Fowley’s saga stretches back to the primal days of rock ‘n’ roll. In 1960, Fowley assem- bled the Hollywood Argyles and tasted success with the chart-topping novelty hit “Alley Hoop”. Responsible for The Rivingtons’ classic “Papa –Oom- Mow –Mow”, Fowley also brought forth The Stingers number One UK hit ‘Nut Rocker”. Appearing on such groundbreaking releases as Frank Zappa and the Mother Of Invention’s landmark “Freak Out”, and Gram Parson’s “GP”. Fowley’s songs have also appeared on recordings by The Byrds, Beach Boys, Alice Cooper, Soft Machine, Mott The Hoople and Them. Fowley’s solo career as an artist commenced in 1967 with “Love Is Alive And Well” and continues today. In the mid –1970’s Fowley emerged as the mastermind behind one of the most influential bands of all time; The Runaways, a prototypical teenage, all-female glam punk outfit which featured Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Cherie Curie. And Roy Swedeen...they don’t come more eclectic. Producer of Jody Reynolds (for “Endless Sleep” fame), Roy was also revered as the last drummer in the one and only “The Misunderstood”. Fans of the movie “Pulp Fiction” will also appreciate his engineering/mixing contribution to the “Tornados”, most notably “Bustin’ Surfboards”. Roy’s latest production credit is “The New Wave Boyfriends” by The Chubbies. Kim and Roy appear as Actors - Singers - Musicians in The Ramones documentary (Light- house Films) and “The Mayor of the Sunset Strip” featuring David Bowie, Cher and Keanu Reeves. SAND features a paean to Little Steven Van Zandt (“Underground Garage”), a dose of Tex-Mex mayhem (“Chili Cook-Off”), a Jim Morrison-esque diatribe (“The West Is Best”), cosmic cowboy ruminations (“Desert Town”), a blast of beachcomber bombast (Blue Surf”) and seven other urban redneck anthems. SAND is a sound to behold and a celebration of almost fifty years in the rock spotlight. The album is the music of the modern west, a land of backwater honkeytonks and Indian casinos. SAND is this land’s aural postcard.