The Screaming Bloody Marys are legendary garage/punks from the Bay Area of California. The name, the members and their classic sound have been with us since 1989.


Now, after an 18-year hiatus, the Screaming Bloody Marys have roared back to life.


The band can be characterized as ’77 British garage punk, hints of the Dwarves, Rancid and more than a hint of the Misfits and Buzzcocks.


The debut album “Get In, Get Off, Get Out” was released in 1995 on the California label Doctor Dream Records. The band then began a busy schedule of recording, touring and media coverage while sharing stages with Nirvana, The Ramones, The Melvins, The Adicts, Mudhoney, Hole, Cheap Trick and many other notables. As is often the case, such ceaseless touring and togetherness caused the Screaming Bloody Marys to self destruct and left their much anticipated second full length album to remain unreleased.


They were gone, but not forgotten. In early 2015 calls came in to original member Dave Dalton inquiring about the groups’ status.

Among those calling were Dick Manitoba (the Dictators) members of Rancid, booking agents and record labels, including San Francisco’s Zip Records. The Screaming Bloody Marys reformed and their first gig was supporting The Dictators at a sold-out house in San Francisco’s Slims.


The band’s new album “Get off, Get Out, Get More“ is a unique and ambitious update of their now out print “Get in, Get off, Get Out” album. With updates lyrics plus additional new songs by new members Angelique X Stacy (vocals) and Greg Langston (drums) and with guest such as East Bay Ray (Dead Kennedys), the new album will be something old, some new and something unforgettable.


The Screaming Bloody Marys will be supporting the release of their new album with shows throughout California and with guest appearances by many luminaries from notable punk and garage bands.