Welcome to College Fall. College Fall is a band, it is a city, it is two lives, it is a memory. And College Fall are Jodie Bartlett and Glenn Musto. A duo that write vital, honest and real music with a single motivation: necessity. And their music tells a exceptional, heartfelt and beautiful story. 

With a penchant for catchy hooks, clever lyrics and unique arrangement, College Fall tell every story with beautiful harmonies and haunting instrumentation. 

“In this period of music history, where songwriting is second place to marketability, and image rules over content, College Fall scream 'fuck you' through their delicate porcelain-doll songs. The things that used to matter - lyrics, hooks and honesty - abound in every moment of this duo's music.”
Mike Wafer, X-Press Magazine. Perth, Western Australia. 

As musicians, Musto and Bartlett have a remarkable pedigree; A combines total of fifteen years live music experience, over five hundred gigs, and one hundred released songs over twelve CD's. Both were nominated in the Western Australian Music Industry Association Awards for "Best Vocalist" in 2003 and their previous outfit Showbag won the same award for "Most Popular Pop Act" in 2001. Musto has also performed as singer-songwriter in rock outfit the Nordeens, as has Bartlett in folk/roots group Josivac, illustrating their talent and diversity.  

In 2003 Showbag received international attention for the release of their album "The Town We Loved In" (through Zip Records). College Fall is a natural continuation of Showbag and the stories portrayed on that album. In July '05 the band released an acousticEP "Demonstration" as a duo. The EP features five tracks including a re-work of previous Showbag hits "How Much Would It Hurt" and "Perish Union". The feature track on the EP is track number  two "Five Years Later". It tells a story about the time you waste by not making that tough decision to leave a bad situation behind. In September '05 the band recorded their debut studio album. They enlisted the services of Australian pop music icon and producer Michael Carpenter (soloist, Pyramidiacs) and good friend Jacob Snell (Grand Central) to record the album as a full band. With an aspiration to write important pop, College Fall have not just compiled a set of great songs, but an extraordinary concept as well. A tale of two broken hearts in eleven letters.

College Fall are at the forefront of the Australian pop music scene with a sense of realness in their stories not often heard in music today. If your ears stand up and take notice, your heart will palpitate with every word.