Smash Palace returns with their 12th CD (titled "Right As Rain"), with 5 rock 'n roll tracks designed to be your soundtrack for the summer 2018. The Butler brothers do what they do best… 60′s jangle rock, 70′s rock swagger, 80′s power pop, 90′s Brit rock all rolled into a contemporary style that’s all their own. It’s like listening to songs you know but haven’t heard before. If this is your first Smash Palace listening experience, you’ve picked a great place to start because the band just keeps getting better with each release. It’s the sound of a band that’s the real deal; a dedicated band that’s paid its dues and continues to create some of the best melodic rock n roll you’ll ever hear. The Butler brothers were first discovered by Hilly Kristal at CBGB’s then signed to Columbia Records. The band then moved on to Epic Records and now records for Zip Records. They were rediscovered by label president Art Herman after playing a show at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, 2005. This is the bands eighth release for Zip Records.
Band members are
Stephen Butler lead vocals and lead guitar
Brian Butler lead vocals
David Uosikkinen Drums
Cliff Hillis vocals and guitar
Wally Smith keyboards
Fran Smith Jr bass guitar

“… a swath of British Invasion verve, an effortless blend moving with a catchy rock swagger that’s infectious enough to require Cipro.” - Chris Parker, Philadelphia Weekly