The Clocks won’t go away; staging their first band reunion show in 2004 in hometown Wichita, Kansas, they drew the largest crowd in the club’s history! There were lines around the block with fans trekking from as far away as Denver and Dallas to attend. The popularity of this reunion show resulted in two more nights at the same Wichita venue in mid November 2003. These shows officially marked the beginning of The Clocks’ new found relationship with San Francisco based Zip Records As a testament to the band’s notoriety, the Wichita club, for the first time in its history, sold tickets in advance, and based upon such sales, confirmed fans were this time coming from Minneapolis and beyond. On December 13 2003, The Clocks headlined at Kansas City’s top club, The Grand Emporium. The show was a pre-release event for their new CD ‘The Black Box”. Other dates were added for 2004 throughout the Midwest. Aside from reawakened tours and appearances, The Clocks released new material for Zip Records with the album "Black Box". The group traveled to Nashville, record and work under the tutelage of John McBride, a long time acquaintance and co-manager/husband to Martina McBride. Tentatively titled “Spring Forward, Fall Down”, this new collaboration continued the Clocks’ fusion of pop, rock and perhaps a dash of country. The new round of activity for The Clocks signals a renewal of interest in the band which once scored a major MTV and radio hit with the single “She Looks A Lot Like You”. “The Black Box” is a must-have-album for fans of power pop delivered with a nice combination of originality, authenticity and respect for the genre.