“Not even the slightest detail is going to be an act of chance. We want total free- dom to release the music we have within us”. This motto was the foundation when David (vocals), Anders Alexander (producer, drums) and Niki (guitars) formed The Lungz during the fall of 2001 in Malmö, Sweden.

Since the release of “At Last” in Sweden, the LUNGZ have had great success. Their first single “Fanatic” immediately got picked up by Swedish radio and was the 13th most played song on the big national and commercial radio station group Radio Match in Sweden 2002. The second single “It’s Alright” went straight to number 4 on MTV’s hit list “Up North”. This single also had regular rotation between November (2002) and February (2003) on Swedish national music channel ZTV.

The Lungz toured Scandinavia with the likes of The Sounds and The Ark and are now regulars at clubs in Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg. The critical acclaim of “At Last” in Sweden makes this U.S. release a natural extension of the band’s growing audience. Typical of the Zip Records roster, The Lungz were signed to a recording contract with the stipulation that their album would be released in the U.S. only after a publicity, radio and touring campaign was accomplished in their home country. Having wrapped up a successful launch at the end of 2003, it is now time to show the rest of the world a surprising phenomenon.

This is not the Swedish garage nor rock’n’roll of recent vintage; this is soulful pop music with force and driving rhythm.

“How does one describe in a single word the hybrid of some of the fall’s nicest pop melodies, a grandiose landscape of Depeche Mode and Human League as close neighbors, and heavy rocker guitar heroes on the other side? It is without a doubt one of the coolest Swedish debuts in a long time, and how many [artists] find their niche in their very first CD? (Hallandsposten - Sweden)

“Finally! In these times, when all good rock music seem to come from our neighbor- ing countries, The Lungz come and puts it all in place right here. It is true that they had to take the long road. When no Swedish labels wanted to have anything to do with them, they found a label across the Atlantic, which was brave enough to give them free range. Their debut album “At Last” feels very fresh and nice, like a rockier version of Escobar, with a dash of Depeche Mode and Nirvana! I am already looking forward to their next album.” (Slitz - Sweden)

“The Lungz from Malmö do not cover up the fact that they like hits with great melo- dies and refrains of great stature. They are equally fond of combining cool electric guitars with “electronic” and programmed parts. In a song such as “Our Revenge”, there is a lot of Depeche Mode in the verses but just as much of the pop/goth rock in the refrains. The Lungz have good songs and David Ström is both an eloquent and a vulnerable singer.” (Sydsvenskan - Sweden)