Melbourne Australia’s The Wellingtons are one of the hardest working independent bands on the globe. In their 7 years together they’ve released 3 albums through labels in Japan, Spain, UK, USA and Australia, and have toured all those countries twice or more over. In the process they’ve attracted a faithful fan base worldwide that includes members of some of their favorite bands like Motion City Soundtrack, Fountains of Wayne and The Posies.


Their last album “Heading North For The Winter” received glowing praise from influential music media, landing in 9 best albums of 2008 lists in countries as far reaching as Brazil and Spain as well as numerous US based radio station and publications.

“In Transit”, the new album for the band, was recorded and mixed in London and was mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

The story telling abilities of the band shine on this record. Songs like “No One Ever Calls Me Baby”, “Back To You”, and “Your Love Keeps Bringing Me Down” paint emotive tales of characters who are “in transit” as they find love, end dying love, or are kept from the love they seek.


“In Transit” shows the band at the peak of their game melodically and instrumentally. “I Fell For You” is as dynamic and lush as a hooky ballad can be, with strings, mellotron and crafted, layered harmonies. There’s also more jangle and twang than previous Wellingtons’ albums with sweetly played slide guitar beneath layers of Jeff Lynne style acoustic guitars. The Wellingtons pride themselves on creating instantly memorable pop bliss and they’ve delivered their finest installment to date with “In Transit”.


The band is currently confirming worldwide release dates and tour plans for later in 2011.