The Dutch  trio "Vintage Future & Mell" released their new single "Alright" on 29 June through Amsterdam based Zip Records. Following the single release, both VintageFuture & Mell and Zip Records will continue to collaborate on a full album and an extensive international expansion of promotion and publicity. 

Vintage Future & Mell are two veterans in their prime. Hammond organ artist Nico Brandsen is known for his edgy (often referred to as magical) playing with, among many others, Ilse DeLange, Kane, and Jan Akkerman.

In Vintage Future Nico plays a unique hybrid future Hammond and as an added attraction, rarely seen in pop music -  footbass. 

Ton Dijkman is considered one of Holland's finest musicians. As a session drummer he has contributed to hundreds of records and he has been Dutch superstar Marco Borsato's drummer for two decades.

Mell (Melanie Jonk), at 24 years of age is an accomplished vocalist and songwriter and is no stranger to the guitar. Her contagiously engaging powerful voice is balanced by a tenderness and charm rarely encountered in the Netherlands - or anywhere else for that matter.


New single "Alright" out June 29th

New single "Alright" out June 29th