New interview series - UNZIPPED

With our new interview series “UNZIPPED” we’re taking you into our artists personal spaces - photographing their keepsakes, favorite instruments, and more content that has yet to be unzipped. We are excited to bring you along to the places that shape the lives and music of our artists

First up: Angela Moyra photographed in her childhood home in Zaandijk. Click here to read the interview.




Thomas Acda - Motel Reprise tour this fall

Thomas Acda, ©Bob Bronshoff.jpg

The popular Dutch show "Motel" starring Thomas Acda is coming back this fall to Holland! It never departed from the Netherlands but after almost 150 shows in late 2018 and 2019, Acda and company took some time off to recharge and will reprise the show in October, November and January (2020).

In addition to more shows at Amsterdam's Delamar Theater, the show can be seen in places like Rotterdam, Arnhem, Den Haag and dozens of places in between. The music from the production is available on the Zip Records CD and all digital sites throughout the Benelux.




New singles "Willin'" and "I Like It" by Mell & Vintage Future

As a follow up to their successful single "Forever", Mell & Vintage Future are hitting the airwaves again with another monster album track called Willin' . Based on current fan preferences, the song Willin' is the obvious followup single. The official release date of the radio edited song is 16 August.

Also on the 16th of August, the band's formal introduction into Belgium happens! The album track "I Like It" will be released and promoted after a deserved but surprising uptick of interest by Belgian audiences for several album tracks.

Mell Willin.jpg
Mell I Like It.jpg



The Ties That Bind

This is a new era for Zip Records. The fantastic sounds of Aussie surf pop has been replaced by brilliant urbane and creative Dutch rock, pop, jazz and soul.  And much more.

Never before have we seen the recent upswell of recognition,  awards and chart action.   Artists such as Mell & Vintage Future and Monique Klemann are floating down the digital streams and Thomas Acda and Sabrina Starke are playing to packed houses throughout the Netherlands. 

Singer/songwriter Wouter Planteijdt has created his masterpiece “Bullhorn” just in time for Zip Records to exploit toward the unwashed masses.  

This is just the tip of the iceberg. New titles from Angela Moyra and Ross Curry  (not Steph) are approaching their launch.  Amsterdam’s Amacord is a piano duo that is made of, made for, and made with…..classical romance.

If we still have your attention, perhaps the real elephant in the Zip Records closet is Peru’s “Los Outsaiders”.  Appearing at stadiums and sold out national tours, this is a band to keep you eyes on.  Los Outsaiders are the sound of the “Nueva Rock” that is expected to define the “20’s" (2020’s)  for Latin rock. Good things happen to those that wait…… will surface very early in 2020.   Their initial album with Zip Records has multi-millions streams - not bad for Peru and now the word is spreading!

Revitalized and refreshed,  the new Zip Records is distributed through PIAS in the Benelux and SONY/RED for North America.  




New to Zip - Wouter Planteijdt

The time is right! Benefitting from Wouter's lifetime of songwriting, production and guitar/vocal experience, Zip Records will be releasing the new Planteydt EP on 10 May and the album "Bullhorn" in the fall of 2019.

With an incredible resume that includes a "who's who" of Dutch musical artists (such as Paul de Munnik, Hans Dulfer, The Yearlings and dozens more), Wouter Planteijdt was also the producer of acclaimed Zip Records album "Hard Place for A Dreamer" (2017) by Jelka van Houten.

The first single from the EP is "Slow Dance" and Wouter will be showcasing songs from this release at Amsterdam's Roode Biosscoop on the 16,17 and 18 of May. The official music video for "Slow Dance" will be launched out soon!




New on Zip Records - Piano Duo Amacord

Zip Records is proud to announce the first album of Piano Duo Amacord - which will be released this fall under the musical direction of Guido Tichelaar. Recordings will start in May and we’re stoked!

Photo by: Petra Katanic




Los Nuevos Conquistadors! - Los Outsaiders

The Peruvian band "Los Outsaiders" are tearing it up in Lima. In late March 2019, they supported the Arctic Monkeys and a few months earlier played in front of 30,000 fans with The Killers.  On top of all this, Los Outsaiders are selling out countrywide headlining shows from Iquitos to Taoma.  

And check out their new video “Rock N’ Ron”!




Mell & Vintage Future - debut album out May 10th!

The debut full length album "Mell & Vintage Future" will be released on May 10 on Zip Records.  Containing all their singles to date, the album will be performed live at the Bitterzoet in Amsterdam on the 10th of May as well.  Between now and that date, Mell and band will be frequent guests on the Dutch "National Radio 2" .  Visually speaking, catch Mell & Vintage Future May 8 on the popular TV show "Koffietijd" . 

Listen to Mell & Vintage Future’s latest single “Forever” on Spotify. Now 100k + streams and featured on official editorial playlists!