New on Zip Records - Piano Duo Amacord

Zip Records is proud to announce the first album of Piano Duo Amacord - which will be released this fall under the musical direction of Guido Tichelaar. Recordings will start in May and we’re stoked!

Photo by: Petra Katanic




Los Nuevos Conquistadors! - Los Outsaiders

The Peruvian band "Los Outsaiders" are tearing it up in Lima. In late March 2019, they supported the Arctic Monkeys and a few months earlier played in front of 30,000 fans with The Killers.  On top of all this, Los Outsaiders are selling out countrywide headlining shows from Iquitos to Taoma.  

And check out their new video “Rock N’ Ron”!




Mell & Vintage Future - debut album out May 10th!

The debut full length album "Mell & Vintage Future" will be released on May 10 on Zip Records.  Containing all their singles to date, the album will be performed live at the Bitterzoet in Amsterdam on the 10th of May as well.  Between now and that date, Mell and band will be frequent guests on the Dutch "National Radio 2" .  Visually speaking, catch Mell & Vintage Future May 8 on the popular TV show "Koffietijd" . 

Listen to Mell & Vintage Future’s latest single “Forever” on Spotify. Now 100k + streams and featured on official editorial playlists!




Thomas Acda - Motel

The show must go on!  Thomas Acda's hit show "Motel"  continues its long and successful run. Opening with an entire week long run at Amsterdam's Delamar Theater, the tour officially ends on 24 May. Music from the show is available on CD (and digitally throughout the Benelux)) . Check out the single "Geld Mooie Vrouw" to get more than a taste of the sound which has made Acda a household name in the Netherlands. Also, Thomas Acda can be seen on 13 April on Dutch TV show Spijkers met Koppen and on stage in every major and minor city in Holland!

Cover Motel.jpg



New single Mell & Vintage Future - "Forever"

Zip Records has been waiting forever for " Forever".   This new single, releases on 15 March, is fast becoming one of the bigger hits in the label's storied history. 

It has been added to a record number (28) influential official Spotify playlists and is on high rotation at Dutch national radio.

"Forever" is taken from the band's upcoming debut album and the official video is no longer a big secret. 

Mell Forever.jpg



Out Now & Out Soon on Zip Records

Busy times at Zip Records headquarters in Amsterdam! Last week on International Womensday we’ve released two beautiful singles - “Cards” by Sabrina Starke and Snowapple’s haunting cover of “La Llorona”. La Llorona has already been picked up by Spotify Mexico and added to editorial playlists. Both singles are accompanied with an amazing music video. Los Outsaiders also released a brand new video last week for “Rock n’ Ron”. (see below)

As for upcoming releases - get ready to hear three new singles and 2 albums this week! Angela Moyra with her acoustic ballad “Aine”, Mell and Vintage Future with “Forever” . New signed ZIP artist (and iconic Dutch artist) Thomas Acda will not only release a single - also his two albums with David Middelhoff “Motel” & “All Stars Schetsen” are out on March 15th.

Enjoy this beautiful week and tune in on new music Friday to check our new releases!

llorona_imagen (1).jpg

Los Outsaiders “Rock n’ Ron”

Snowapple “La Llorona”

Sabrina Starke - “Cards”



New single Monique Klemann out on Valentine Hangover Day

Celebrate Valentine Hangover Day with the release of single "I'm Not in Love" by the esteemed Monique Klemann of Amsterdam.  Love has never felt so good.....and not so good.  

The music video for "I'm Not in Love" also features several prominent Dutch characters and none of them appear happy.  However the melody of the famous 10cc song will stir the senses and become part of ones daily playlist.


Single Cover I'm Not In Love.jpg



New EP Rogers & Butler "Diana Dors"

Well loved veterans on Zip Records Ed Rogers and Steve Butler (Smash Palace) have teamed up to create an EP which has captured the hearts of fans and reviewers.  

Released on February 8, "Diana Dors" is the grand sum of its parts and how can we not make notice when Chris White (of "The Zombies" and who know a few things about harmonies and melodies) states that the album has a "great feel" and "strong harmonies"..

UK publication "The Strange Brew" has weighed in on its approval and among other recent accolades, Roger McGuinn (mainstay of the Byrds) writes of the "great new songs of Ed Rogers and Steve Butler".

Also Chris White from the Zombies had nice words to say about “Diana Dors” - " Well recorded, written and sung. Having recorded Diana (later in her life) I know 'she would do it all again' lovely lady. Favourite track is 7 Hour Man - great feel, strong harmonies."

Don't take it from us.......guitar pop lovers, Brit pop fans, and indie rock aficianados will adore "Diana Dors".