Snowapple - Appearing at the original Record Factory in Sausalito, CA on March 23

A rare opportunity to see Amsterdam's Snowapple perform at a studio (Yoga) in a studio (the famous Record Plant). 

The Record Plant has been an important place in the history of rock 'n' roll and has welcomed everyone from John Lennon/Yoko  to Stevie Wonder ("Songs in the Key of Life" was recorded there).  Rick James recorded "Super Freak" and many of the big ones by Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison and Sly and the Family Stone were recorded there.

And now....Snowapple are there!  Thursday, March 23 from 7:30 to 10;00 PM at the Harmonia Wellness Studio. Get tickets here 




Zip Update!

Charging into the summer of 2017, Zip Records continues to feed the musical marketplace with albums and songs. Life is good when the prospects for new recordings become reality.

You see it here first. . Sabrina Starke, Birgit Schuurman, Angela Moyra, Monique Klemann and Snowapple are all engaged in making more aural  magic.

And that is only in the Netherlands.

Elsewhere, Deni Bonet (N.Y.), Ed Rogers (N.Y.), will reward new and old fans with their typical flair for putting the pop in pop music.  There will even be an old fashioned "split release" with San Francisco's legendary punkers Screaming Bloody Marys. 

A belief in the independent spirit AND a good melody are what seems to tie all the artists together.  Zip Records is honored and determined to remain as independent as they come (we didn't sell our souls to the devil in 2005 with a distribution arrangement in the US with SONY - we like them!). A good melody is subjective and not always important, but they are in abundance on 96% of the titles in the Zip Records catalog. 

The quality control lies in the wonderful support all the artists receive from their fans. Despite the fact that few people are  buying or paying for music these days, (you know who you are!) the positive effect of these artists and songs is pleasantly captured by millions around the world. 

And for those who don't like to read....just the facts!

Zip Records is now a book publisher!  Watch for the September release of Amsterdam's Hilarius Hofstede new title.   "Microsoft Mon Amour" is a new take on pop culture that is condensed into 8,244 lines.  For the beach or sitting next to the toilet - an entertaining experience each time you pick it up! 

Zip Records is thrilled to be engaged with one of Amsterdam's most "real"  record label and management companies - Krugang.  With a select roster of Drummakid, Sabrina Stare and Sarah-Jane,  Krugang is what gives us all hope for the future. 

Run by imaginative and industrious "newbies" , this opportunity was a dream come true for a staid and conservative label like Zip.  Drummakid got over 1.5 million plays for his first single in 2017 and Sarah-Jane has a new one coming out that will thrill pop/soul audiences.

Watch for regular updates on the Zip website and Facebook. And watch some of the videos - like Drummakid's "Zonin" and "Hi Freq Girl".




Deni Bonet. The album is out! The results are in!

Deni Bonet's "Bright Shiny Objects" has earned nothing but rave reviews, a buzz on radio and an invitation for a February show at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Paste Magazine (January 2017) says Bright Shiny Objects is "bound to be one of the standout records of 2017."

Kurrent Music (January 24,2017) headlines with "Deni Bonet Shines Like a Diamond"

Buzz Feed reports that "Deni Bonet strikes all the right chords on new record".

There has been impressive radio play in Sweden, Belgium, Hungary and all points in between. A late February album release in the Benelux will also contribute to the album's diaspora.

Check the links below for the first two music videos from Bright Shiny Objects"

Available wherever CD's are still found or you can stream away the day to the melodious sounds of Deni Bonet.  




A major event in the life of Zip Records is about to explode in 2017. Together with Krugang  (Krugang Records and Management), a continuing excursion into the "over the top" urban and soul scene in the Netherlands will occur. Artists such as Sabrina Starke, Drummakid and Sarah Jane have already established high profiles for themselves and will be heard from in 2017  like never before. 

Stay tuned for more info!



Upcoming album "Oh Dear" by the Virtues.

The Virtues (not to be confused with The Virtues) continue to record pop masterpieces from their Stockholm home. Their initial Zip Records release was in 2003 ("Ruminate"). Now, their 7th album on Zip Records will be out on January 13, 2017.  Called "Oh Dear" and packed with the restrained power of guitar rock, The Virtues deliver the goods and will delight fans of REM,  the Beatles and The Ramones. 



Snowapple's "Tracks" - Out now in Europe!

Snowapple (Amsterdam) are first off the block in 2017. After a successful launch of "Tracks" in the US in October 2016, a reworked version will soon be available in the Benelux countries. Their home, for God's sake! The official album release show is in Amsterdam on January 29.  To get a start on discovering their new personae, go to their newest music video for song "Any Way". 



18th anniversary Zip Records!

The NEW YEAR at Zip Records

In the middle of January 2017, Zip Records will celebrate its 18th anniversary. It has been a wild ride and filled with unexpected pleasures. We are deeply indebted to all the artists who have graced the covers of the labels' releases and we thank them for helping in the struggle to make great music heard above the good music. 

If we had a business plan, it would have been thrown out the window after year number one. Most of the best stories were the unexcited ones.

For instance, we inherited a slew of great Perth and other Australian bands through the renaming of Spinning Top Records to Zip Records Australia (2000 - 2006). Bands like The Chevelles, P76 and Spencer Tracy all reported to the Zip Records main office in the outback "City of Gold" - Kalgoorlie,  Western Australia. 

In the 18 years, Zip Records released albums by the notorious Kim Fowley, the only recording by David Williams (founder of Australia's great indie powerhouse Shock Records) and the unexpectedly romantic album by "The Vibrator's" Nigel Bennett.  And 154 other titles which represent the essence of the melding of independent spirit with commercial success. 

The future looks bright and we are going nowhere.  Music will never die and it remains one of the last best hopes to unite the world.  

A record label is losing its relevance in these times - however, it is the collaboration and support that an artist  and label share that makes the most powerful statement. As we turn into the 19th year, Zip Records wants to thank again...... ALL the artists of past and present for their wonderful faith in our vision to wreck havoc on customer loyalty (way too many different genres) and snub convention.

This is as good a time as any to look into 2017.



Bright Shiny Objects - bowing in more ways than one on January 27.

Deni Bonet is the answer. The question: how does she do it! How can she make the violin sing with melodies that stick like all the classics? Bright Shiny Objects is New Yorker Bonet's third full length release; however she appears on dozens of popular recordings. A few of the albums are together with Robyn Hitchcock, John Wesley Harding, Tiny Tim and Chris Whitley. Bright Shiny Objects was produced by Emmy Award winner Paul Bevan.