Deni Bonet - On Tour!!

Her name sounds French, her voice sounds "New Yawk" and her music sounds spectacular. 

Deni Bonet is almost half way through a gruelling and successful month long tour through the UK, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Promoting her latest album "Bright Shiny Objects" and the plaintive  (2nd) single from the album ("Palisades"), the hard work is paying off. 

Audiences are raving and CD's are flying off the merchandise table. The "old school" method of playing clubs and pubs up and down the British Isles suits Deni's violin based songs. Each number instantly grabs you - whether seeing her for the first time or the 50th time, the music is not what you hear every day. But now you can hear them everyday!  All day....on CD, on iTunes and all the digital sites you can get your hands on.  

A recent radio appearance on 102.2 FM in Dublin will be followed by one in Gouda, Netherlands and various points in between. 

And she comes!




Birgit - Big News!

Eleven years is a long time to wait. Since her Zip Records debut "True Stories I Made Up", Birgit has appeared in several motion pictures, plays and musical productions, TV shows and modelling gigs. And over the years, she has amassed a treasure trove of melodies and lyrics for new songs - dreamy bitter sweet pop as the soundtrack to her life.

In September 2017, Amsterdam native Birgit returns to the record shops and radio with a teaser; the prelude to a good 'ol fashioned album which will be released by Zip Records in 2018 (distributed by SONY and PIAS). 

Birgit is the "total package" - sultry, sensual, sensational and splendiferous!



The Virtues

The Virtues carry the torch for quality indie rock in Sweden. The quartet have a catalog of six releases on Zip Records - including the new 2017 album "Oh Dear". 

Influential Swedish magazine GATTA gave the album 4 stars. 

On the radio side, "Oh Dear" recently charted as high as #9 on the Swedish Independent charts. They are also charting on the Spotify Swedish Independent charts. 

And ALL this through word of mouth and the impressive efforts of the band. 

The Virtues are appearing in several inviting venues throughout Sweden this spring and summer. 

April 22nd, Record store day livemusic bonanza! at Vintage Retro & Simon

July 21st, Tom Petty by The Virtues at Lasse i Parken

The only thing standing between the Virtues and fame and fortune is YOU!

Give 'em a listen!




Our Snowapples - a little update.

Holland's group "Snowapple" joined forces with four super Mexico City musicians for a sold out tour throughout the US West Coast. After the last So Cal show on April 2, the Dutch girls headed home to Amsterdam for a shower and a shave and returned to Mexico City a few days later. In April 2017, they will be recording some old favorites with a Latin twist and some new songs......with a Latin twist.

Staff from Zip Records witnessed incredible shows in Sausalito (at the famous Record Plant), Oakland and the band's home away from home....San Francisco's "Amnesia". The six musicians brought out the best of their recordings and wowed the listeners with songs, the likes of which, you truly have never heard before. 

Snowapple's 2017 album release "Tracks" continues to receive glowing reviews on both sides of the ocean and US college radio is next.

Fans in Holland have not been forgotten. Catch them live on May 26 at De Witte Kerk in Hauwert at 8:15 PM. The town is spelled correctly and for the US will be in a light colored place of worship. 




Lily Kiara - upcoming June tour!

Dutch singer, composer and dancer Lily Kiara has announced that she will be touring again in the US midwest and southern states.  Having picked up new fans on her last two US excursions, this third go- round will up the ante. Dates will be announced soon, but a routing in the Louisiana to Missouri area is almost a certainty. 

New Netherlands Dates:

April 29 - Vondelpark - Amsterdam.

Under the famous bridge (Vondelbunker) at 8:00 PM. An acoustic treat.

April 30 - Cafe De Stad in Utrecht from 2:00 PM until 7:00PM.  A long party of music and open to the public.

Take your chance to see Lily.....

Fishing in the Fields" gets fresher by the week. The upcoming US tour will commemorate its two year anniversary. It is still new to the uninitiated and has received acclaimed reviews in Dutch and American publications "in the know".




Sabrina Starke is smiling because she knows something many of us don't...

She is continuing her "The Soul of Reggae Tour" with upcoming Netherlands dates such as Kings Day (April 27 in the gorgeous city of Groningen) and  a double - header on May 5 (The Hague and Vlissingen). 

Sabrina appears in Amsterdam on May 3 (Day of Empathy) with songs of inspiration, remembrance and love as fits the occasion.

So why is she smiling?  Could it be because she is writing  new songs for an upcoming album release? Rumors are that in addition to songs of her own, she is writing with other talented Dutch artists including Stevie Ann and Salle de Jong.

Sabrina's song "Rosy Coloured Glasses"  will appear in the US Fox Television series "Shots Fired" during the week of April 10.2017.  It airs for more than two minutes but you can hear the whole thing on her new album "Sabrina Starke" . 

Over 40,000 "Likes" and over 1,000,000 "Loves"....





Snowapple - Appearing at the original Record Factory in Sausalito, CA on March 23

A rare opportunity to see Amsterdam's Snowapple perform at a studio (Yoga) in a studio (the famous Record Plant). 

The Record Plant has been an important place in the history of rock 'n' roll and has welcomed everyone from John Lennon/Yoko  to Stevie Wonder ("Songs in the Key of Life" was recorded there).  Rick James recorded "Super Freak" and many of the big ones by Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison and Sly and the Family Stone were recorded there.

And now....Snowapple are there!  Thursday, March 23 from 7:30 to 10;00 PM at the Harmonia Wellness Studio. Get tickets here 




Zip Update!

Charging into the summer of 2017, Zip Records continues to feed the musical marketplace with albums and songs. Life is good when the prospects for new recordings become reality.

You see it here first. . Sabrina Starke, Birgit Schuurman, Angela Moyra, Monique Klemann and Snowapple are all engaged in making more aural  magic.

And that is only in the Netherlands.

Elsewhere, Deni Bonet (N.Y.), Ed Rogers (N.Y.), will reward new and old fans with their typical flair for putting the pop in pop music.  There will even be an old fashioned "split release" with San Francisco's legendary punkers Screaming Bloody Marys. 

A belief in the independent spirit AND a good melody are what seems to tie all the artists together.  Zip Records is honored and determined to remain as independent as they come (we didn't sell our souls to the devil in 2005 with a distribution arrangement in the US with SONY - we like them!). A good melody is subjective and not always important, but they are in abundance on 96% of the titles in the Zip Records catalog. 

The quality control lies in the wonderful support all the artists receive from their fans. Despite the fact that few people are  buying or paying for music these days, (you know who you are!) the positive effect of these artists and songs is pleasantly captured by millions around the world. 

And for those who don't like to read....just the facts!

Zip Records is now a book publisher!  Watch for the September release of Amsterdam's Hilarius Hofstede new title.   "Microsoft Mon Amour" is a new take on pop culture that is condensed into 8,244 lines.  For the beach or sitting next to the toilet - an entertaining experience each time you pick it up! 

Zip Records is thrilled to be engaged with one of Amsterdam's most "real"  record label and management companies - Krugang.  With a select roster of Drummakid, Sabrina Stare and Sarah-Jane,  Krugang is what gives us all hope for the future. 

Run by imaginative and industrious "newbies" , this opportunity was a dream come true for a staid and conservative label like Zip.  Drummakid got over 1.5 million plays for his first single in 2017 and Sarah-Jane has a new one coming out that will thrill pop/soul audiences.

Watch for regular updates on the Zip website and Facebook. And watch some of the videos - like Drummakid's "Zonin" and "Hi Freq Girl".