After 18 years and over 125 releases under its belt, it is time for a change. The San Francisco independent record label has grown from a boutique company specializing in Swedish pop music, to a multinational behemoth with an operation office in both Amsterdam and California. Or more accurately, a small label with a big appetite for diversity and quality music of multiple genres. 

Despite branching out into funk, Afro/beat, Americana, Bossa nova and folk (among a dozen other genres, Zip Records has removed its blue and yellow logo and 90's image in favor of a whole look and feel.

And now, in 2016, after a fun and effective months long analysis and overview of the evolution, a new and more evocative picture of the record company comes into focus. 

We are a label going in all directions at once, both geographically and musically. Our releases include artists from Australia to Italy and from Denmark to Brazil. Our new logo reflects a type of compass, pointing towards all genres and all continents. 

The compass represents our philosophy. It is also the new order of the music world. It is a reflection of our common desire for exploration - for getting lost in the sea of the world's music and yet finding familiar musical landmarks which makes the journey satisfying, meaningful and pleasurable.