The mean streets of New York welcomed Sabrina Starke in June 2016. 

"More Tina Turner than soul/jazz singer"  - and that is a complement! 

American audiences were on their feet and dancing before they knew what hit them. This was the debut for Sabrina in New York (except for one little thing at the.....Apollo Theater) and a chance to expose her full band to US fans of funk, soul, R & B and popular music . And it was popular. 

The tour was a live teaser for the new album "Sabrina Starke" which was released in May 2016 (distributed through SONY/RED).  

U.S. radio was fast on the draw as well.  "Sabrina Starke" reached as high as # 3 on some US Jazz charts and struck chords in Hawaii and the Colorado high country.  

Sabrina's special musical message will continue in October with the official US release of "Do For Love".