Like a book, each album has it chapters. "Hard Place for a Dreamer" is both the next chapter and the sequel to first single "Time Flies". Finally bowing to complaints that title track "Hard Place for a Dreamer" should be the focus for Jelka, it is a pleasure for Zip Records to release and further expose the song on 4 October. The album of the same name contains 11 other wistful, romantic and heart throbbing tunes. Jelka is also starring in the movie Waldstille and in tv show Jeuk in the Netherlands.

Jelka van Houten is a singer-songwriter unlike any other in Amsterdam. A shot of Tammy Wynette with the persona of Dolly Parton and the appeal of Tisha Yearwood. And then some.....

Upcoming shows:

Oct. 22nd / Ramblin Roots Festival at Tivoli Vredenburg 

Nov 6th / Herberg Tiengemeten