The NEW YEAR at Zip Records

In the middle of January 2017, Zip Records will celebrate its 18th anniversary. It has been a wild ride and filled with unexpected pleasures. We are deeply indebted to all the artists who have graced the covers of the labels' releases and we thank them for helping in the struggle to make great music heard above the good music. 

If we had a business plan, it would have been thrown out the window after year number one. Most of the best stories were the unexcited ones.

For instance, we inherited a slew of great Perth and other Australian bands through the renaming of Spinning Top Records to Zip Records Australia (2000 - 2006). Bands like The Chevelles, P76 and Spencer Tracy all reported to the Zip Records main office in the outback "City of Gold" - Kalgoorlie,  Western Australia. 

In the 18 years, Zip Records released albums by the notorious Kim Fowley, the only recording by David Williams (founder of Australia's great indie powerhouse Shock Records) and the unexpectedly romantic album by "The Vibrator's" Nigel Bennett.  And 154 other titles which represent the essence of the melding of independent spirit with commercial success. 

The future looks bright and we are going nowhere.  Music will never die and it remains one of the last best hopes to unite the world.  

A record label is losing its relevance in these times - however, it is the collaboration and support that an artist  and label share that makes the most powerful statement. As we turn into the 19th year, Zip Records wants to thank again...... ALL the artists of past and present for their wonderful faith in our vision to wreck havoc on customer loyalty (way too many different genres) and snub convention.

This is as good a time as any to look into 2017.