The Virtues carry the torch for quality indie rock in Sweden. The quartet have a catalog of six releases on Zip Records - including the new 2017 album "Oh Dear". 

Influential Swedish magazine GATTA gave the album 4 stars. 

On the radio side, "Oh Dear" recently charted as high as #9 on the Swedish Independent charts. They are also charting on the Spotify Swedish Independent charts. 

And ALL this through word of mouth and the impressive efforts of the band. 

The Virtues are appearing in several inviting venues throughout Sweden this spring and summer. 

April 22nd, Record store day livemusic bonanza! at Vintage Retro & Simon

July 21st, Tom Petty by The Virtues at Lasse i Parken

The only thing standing between the Virtues and fame and fortune is YOU!

Give 'em a listen!