Dutch singer, composer and dancer Lily Kiara has announced that she will be touring again in the US midwest and southern states.  Having picked up new fans on her last two US excursions, this third go- round will up the ante. Dates will be announced soon, but a routing in the Louisiana to Missouri area is almost a certainty. 

New Netherlands Dates:

April 29 - Vondelpark - Amsterdam.

Under the famous bridge (Vondelbunker) at 8:00 PM. An acoustic treat.

April 30 - Cafe De Stad in Utrecht from 2:00 PM until 7:00PM.  A long party of music and open to the public.

Take your chance to see Lily.....

Fishing in the Fields" gets fresher by the week. The upcoming US tour will commemorate its two year anniversary. It is still new to the uninitiated and has received acclaimed reviews in Dutch and American publications "in the know".