Holland's group "Snowapple" joined forces with four super Mexico City musicians for a sold out tour throughout the US West Coast. After the last So Cal show on April 2, the Dutch girls headed home to Amsterdam for a shower and a shave and returned to Mexico City a few days later. In April 2017, they will be recording some old favorites with a Latin twist and some new songs......with a Latin twist.

Staff from Zip Records witnessed incredible shows in Sausalito (at the famous Record Plant), Oakland and the band's home away from home....San Francisco's "Amnesia". The six musicians brought out the best of their recordings and wowed the listeners with songs, the likes of which, you truly have never heard before. 

Snowapple's 2017 album release "Tracks" continues to receive glowing reviews on both sides of the ocean and US college radio is next.

Fans in Holland have not been forgotten. Catch them live on May 26 at De Witte Kerk in Hauwert at 8:15 PM. The town is spelled correctly and for the US fans......it will be in a light colored place of worship.