She is continuing her "The Soul of Reggae Tour" with upcoming Netherlands dates such as Kings Day (April 27 in the gorgeous city of Groningen) and  a double - header on May 5 (The Hague and Vlissingen). 

Sabrina appears in Amsterdam on May 3 (Day of Empathy) with songs of inspiration, remembrance and love as fits the occasion.

So why is she smiling?  Could it be because she is writing  new songs for an upcoming album release? Rumors are that in addition to songs of her own, she is writing with other talented Dutch artists including Stevie Ann and Salle de Jong.

Sabrina's song "Rosy Coloured Glasses"  will appear in the US Fox Television series "Shots Fired" during the week of April 10.2017.  It airs for more than two minutes but you can hear the whole thing on her new album "Sabrina Starke" . 

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