Her name sounds French, her voice sounds "New Yawk" and her music sounds spectacular. 

Deni Bonet is almost half way through a gruelling and successful month long tour through the UK, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Promoting her latest album "Bright Shiny Objects" and the plaintive  (2nd) single from the album ("Palisades"), the hard work is paying off. 

Audiences are raving and CD's are flying off the merchandise table. The "old school" method of playing clubs and pubs up and down the British Isles suits Deni's violin based songs. Each number instantly grabs you - whether seeing her for the first time or the 50th time, the music is not what you hear every day. But now you can hear them everyday!  All day....on CD, on iTunes and all the digital sites you can get your hands on.  

A recent radio appearance on 102.2 FM in Dublin will be followed by one in Gouda, Netherlands and various points in between. 

And Belgium....here she comes!