Snowapple are crisscrossing the European and Baltic zones this summer.  Not only are they gracing the stages in their native Netherlands; these formidable girls are teaming up with their Mexican counterparts to play festivals and clubs in Italy, France, Germany and Latvia.

This is a rare opportunity to see the expanded band and the cambia inflection which drives their songs almost (and sometimes) into dance music. 

From July 20 to July 30 Snowapple play a trio of venues in Riga, Latvia and they will bring more smiles to the faces of folks in the Latvian outback when they sojourn to a couple of smaller cities. People of Latvia will not know what hit them. 

The Latvia tour is a homecoming of sorts for Snowapple's Laura Polence. When she left Riga, little did she suspect  she would ever return with a couple of Dutch songstresses and a Mexican wonder band.  

The Low Country also has a lot of Snowapple in store for them. Between August 3 and August 19, Snowapple +  (Osito, Cynthia, Omar and Dante) carouse the audiences at "the coolest" of the many August festivals in Holland. 

Wanna see Laurien (of Snowapple) dazzle the Baby Burn Festival (Amsterdam) with an impromptu climb to the outer edge of a construction crane?  This is a GRAPHIC 20 second video so please be warned!  (see below)

Snowapple's latest album "Tracks" can be heard wherever and whenever you are ready.