A very belated Happy New Year to music fans everywhere. Within the big world of popular music, Zip Records maintains its corner of the action and on the horizon for 2018 are some exciting releases and events.  No need to memorize these; we will send constant reminders. 

Los Outsaiders -

Los Outsaiders wrap up their home stand in Peru during January and thereafter return to Mexico City. The band's much anticipated second full length release "El Asesino del Rey Peste" is out on January 26. This album will be rolled out throughout the world in conjunction with live appearances in Peru, Mexico, the U.S. and Europe.



Birgit Schuurman -  

After two successful singles in late 2017 (Fuel My Fire and Stranded), Birgit's long awaited full length album will come out in March 2018 throughout the world. "Stranded" has far exceeded 200,000 hits on Spotify in little over two months and the publicity machine has barely started.  She comes from a small country (Netherlands)  but the world is taking notice! Birgit is a household name in Holland and her voice is pure "pop chanteuse.". 



Monique Klemann -

Monique is being rediscovered for her sophisticated takes on classic pop music. Her original songs create a modern sound for 21st century sensibilities while staying true to song craft made famous in the 1970's.  Following a successful 2017 EP "Coool" , the Dutch singer will be releasing an EP, several singles and a bevy of songs labelled as aphrodisiacs for the soul.  First up......"Sleeping Pill".



Hans Dulfer/Cyril Directie

The saxophone legend Hans Dulfer has teamed up with longtime bandmate/drummer Cyril Directie for an April 2018 release of songs which sound like jazz standards but are original and fresh compositions born in Utrecht  for the world to savor.  The first new album in almost twenty five years for 77 year old Dulfer and a rare chance to enjoy the talents of drummer Directie - deemed by many the top of the crop in the Netherlands.

Sabrina Starke-

At this time, all we can announce in the month - September. The new album by one of the most revered Dutch singers of our time is untitled but being recorded as we speak.  It will warm the hearts of her fans this fall. Sabrina Starke's debut Platinum album "Yellow Brick Road" paved the way for almost a decade of hits and sold out appearances - leading us to her 2018 album and extensive Benelux tour. This is BIG!  

18556744_10155443145386495_20297657740740787_o (1).jpg


The above is the "tip of the iceberg".  Coming in 2018 are also albums by other popular Zip artists.  Titles, dates and release details will be forthcoming soon. Watch this space for:

Angela Moyra

Ed Rogers


Smash Palace

Delicious Monsters