The second Zip album by London's Nigel Bennett was rushed out to coincide with the infamous "Rebellion Festival" in early August. After all, Nigel has been serving for decades as guitarist for "The Vibrators"  and his following has been underserved by new material for the past several years.  

"Another Bump in the Road" is the title of the new one and check out "The Punk Lounge" (25 July) interview with Nigel! If anyone is qualified to chronicle the life of a touring musician, Nigel is the one. The songs on "Another Bump...." reflect such musings and as Guitar Player Magazine in San Francisco knows all too well, this guy knows his way around a guitar.

But's all about the songs and the new album is packed with guitar based tracks that sound good in all life's situations.  Cruising down Santa Monica Boulevard or waiting for a train at Kings Cross, Bennett's songs reek with a sensitivity that may come as a pleasant surprise when compared with the assault of The Vibrators. 

nigel-cd2-cover-art-square (1).jpg