2018 was a motherlode for Zip Records!  It was a year filled with songs charting on radio,  artists touring the countryside and a major purging of any and all cassettes remaining in the office. 

Sabrina Starke, Birgit Schuurman,  Mell & Vintage Future, Monique Klemann, Angela Moyra,  duo (Hans) Dulfer (Cyril) Directie,  and Los Outsaiders were a few of the biggest movers.  Some of them benefitted from Spotify,  some from touring, some from radio, and TV and magazine exposure, some from vinyl/CD sales activities, some from movie appearances and some from appearing with bands like The Killers and Arctic Monkeys.... 

What tied everything together for 2018 were the several genuinely gorgeous recordings and a continuing evolution of Dutch (and Peruvian ) independent music in the world's consciousness. It would be pompous for a small record label to assert that it has any kind of following in Latvia or Brazil or Alaska; however, it is amazing to see the musical borders fall.  Dutch artists are once again getting recognized in distant lands and between other indie labels and Zip, there was notable progress in developing new audiences in 2018.  

As a segue into 2019,  this new year will see Zip artist appearances in China, the US, Sweden, Germany, the UK and with any luck....Spain and Japan.   

There are countless new singles, EP's albums, videos and other tours planned for 2019 as well.  In early 2019 alone will be new ones from Angela Moyra, Mell & Vintage Future, Sabrina Starke, Monique Klemann, Delicious Monsters, Snowapple, and two more big surprises....... so don't go anywhere.

From the Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Alphen aan den Rijn staff at Zip Records.......Happy New Year!

Below a HNY video from our artists!

Photo by Dustin Thierry