Well loved veterans on Zip Records Ed Rogers and Steve Butler (Smash Palace) have teamed up to create an EP which has captured the hearts of fans and reviewers.  

Released on February 8, "Diana Dors" is the grand sum of its parts and how can we not make notice when Chris White (of "The Zombies" and who know a few things about harmonies and melodies) states that the album has a "great feel" and "strong harmonies"..

UK publication "The Strange Brew" has weighed in on its approval and among other recent accolades, Roger McGuinn (mainstay of the Byrds) writes of the "great new songs of Ed Rogers and Steve Butler".

Also Chris White from the Zombies had nice words to say about “Diana Dors” - " Well recorded, written and sung. Having recorded Diana (later in her life) I know 'she would do it all again' lovely lady. Favourite track is 7 Hour Man - great feel, strong harmonies."

Don't take it from us.......guitar pop lovers, Brit pop fans, and indie rock aficianados will adore "Diana Dors".