This is a new era for Zip Records. The fantastic sounds of Aussie surf pop has been replaced by brilliant urbane and creative Dutch rock, pop, jazz and soul.  And much more.

Never before have we seen the recent upswell of recognition,  awards and chart action.   Artists such as Mell & Vintage Future and Monique Klemann are floating down the digital streams and Thomas Acda and Sabrina Starke are playing to packed houses throughout the Netherlands. 

Singer/songwriter Wouter Planteijdt has created his masterpiece “Bullhorn” just in time for Zip Records to exploit toward the unwashed masses.  

This is just the tip of the iceberg. New titles from Angela Moyra and Ross Curry  (not Steph) are approaching their launch.  Amsterdam’s Amacord is a piano duo that is made of, made for, and made with…..classical romance.

If we still have your attention, perhaps the real elephant in the Zip Records closet is Peru’s “Los Outsaiders”.  Appearing at stadiums and sold out national tours, this is a band to keep you eyes on.  Los Outsaiders are the sound of the “Nueva Rock” that is expected to define the “20’s" (2020’s)  for Latin rock. Good things happen to those that wait…… will surface very early in 2020.   Their initial album with Zip Records has multi-millions streams - not bad for Peru and now the word is spreading!

Revitalized and refreshed,  the new Zip Records is distributed through PIAS in the Benelux and SONY/RED for North America.