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Ghost vs Sanne - Make Me Suffer (because they are gone!) / THE ZIP VAULT

Ghost vs Sanne was a Swedish band which burst foth in 2009 with lead singer Sanne Kalsoon fronting a crew of renowned musicians and producers. In fact, producers "Ghost" (johan Ekhe and Ulf Lindstrom) were nominated for 3 Grammy's and were prominent in the careers of Robyn, Beverly Knight and others.

Introduced to Zip Records through amateur A&R legend Jim Baker (who doubled as a dentist to the poor and uninsured people in New York City), the band toured the US twice and were regulars at several New York hotspots.

The group was unfortunately short lived and by 2011 the players amicably parted but each continues to contribute to the amazing Swedish pop scene in their own ways.

"Nobody's Perfect", "Hold This Girl" and "Make Me Suffer" were the biggest hits but each song is a masterpiece of soulful pop music.