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New album Sabrina Starke "Underneath the Surface" - out September 28th

The sixth and most anticipated album yet -  "Underneath the Surface" will surface on September 28.  

Incorporating elements of soul, hip hop, jazz and classic pop stylings, Sabrina's new one will be the best way to flight the winter blahs. 

Best of all, the December tour around the major cities of Holland will be places to celebrate the music as it is meant to be! Including the Paradiso Noord (Amsterdam),  Utrecht, Rotterdam, these shows most often sell out so don't delay.

The first single "Live & Learn" is the best teaser for what is to come. Her new songs were born from Sabrina's continuing passion with the themes of inspiration and hope - and inspiration never felt so good!




Sabrina Starke's new single "Live & Learn"

Sabrina Starke has released her new single ‘Live & Learn’ to celebrate her 10th year anniversary.

It has been 10 years since Sabrina released her very first single ‘Do For Love’.
With her new song ‘Live & Learn’ Sabrina thinks about the lessons life taught her in the past few years. Her unique and familiar voice combined with Soul & Hip-hop from the 90’s makes this song perfect for the summer. Armed with her guitar and a social consciousness this creative singer-songwriter continues to share pieces of wisdom with the world.

‘Live & Learn’ is the first official single of Sabrina Starke’s upcoming album #UTS, which is scheduled for release in autumn 2018.

‘LIVE & LEARN‘ is now available on all streaming platforms.






Class and grass | Sabrina Starke

Prominent "singer soul writer" Sabrina Starke brings her "Imagine" show to Amsterdam's Concertgebow  on July 22!  Together with her ace band, Sabrina adds her glowing charm to songs which have inspired her - they are soundtracks to her life and loves.  The show begins at 8:00 PM sharp. If this is culture....bring it on!

July 30 is the date of Raggae Rotterdam and Sabrina will be shifting gears to present songs which span reworks of her hits to a slew of songs by the reggae masters.  This is one of the few chances remaining to see this popular touring show of 2016-2017.  Come on up or over to Rotterdam and bathe in the cool Jamaican waters!

Later in the summer and fall Sabrina will be recording a new album of original  songs. That is the BIGGEST and BEST news but don't wait......if tickets are still available, go see some of her "old stuff".



Sabrina Starke "IMAGINE" the power of music TOUR

The Netherlands is so small that if you don't watch where you are going, you will run into Sabrina Starke.

First off - Sabrina's first ever children's concert will be on 2 October at Amsterdam's grown up venue Muziekgebouw. Adults should be accompanied by children! In our opinion, she is that role model what this world need more of.

IMAGINE is the name given to Sabrina's next program. She goes from "dreamer" to "doer" with her evolving set of songs which beautifully evoke love, compassion and hope. Starting the first of December, imagine a show which will be developed before your eyes by one of Holland's standout singers of the last decade.

IMAGINE will be six Dutch shows in gorgeous church settings - all of them intimate acoustic concerts - as uplifting as any other thing you will experience in those churches!



See schedule below:



Sabrina Starke's tour in NYC

The mean streets of New York welcomed Sabrina Starke in June 2016. 

"More Tina Turner than soul/jazz singer"  - and that is a complement! 

American audiences were on their feet and dancing before they knew what hit them. This was the debut for Sabrina in New York (except for one little thing at the.....Apollo Theater) and a chance to expose her full band to US fans of funk, soul, R & B and popular music . And it was popular. 

The tour was a live teaser for the new album "Sabrina Starke" which was released in May 2016 (distributed through SONY/RED).  

U.S. radio was fast on the draw as well.  "Sabrina Starke" reached as high as # 3 on some US Jazz charts and struck chords in Hawaii and the Colorado high country.  

Sabrina's special musical message will continue in October with the official US release of "Do For Love".  




Sabrina Starke - on the U.S. charts!

Sabrina Starke's debut US album "Sabrina Starke"  (June 3) is hitting the US airwaves and charting on over 15 radio outlets.  Songs from the album have, in the first month, been heard on over 50 American stations with jazz, alternative and soul stations evenly mixed.  And thank you KAOS for making it #2 on the Jazz charts!

Distributed by SONY/RED,  "Sabrina Starke" is the latest from Holland's favorite singer/soulwriter.   The first single and video "Next Man" might be the place to start.