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Neighboring right to Snowapple! 

Snowapple are a Dutch treasure and they give the locals a thing to brag about.  This summer, Snowapple continue their European touring with a slew of UK, Italian and Belgian dates. Something to keep the neighbours entertained until the eclectic band returns to the Netherlands.

In August they return for the third time to Italy for the 24 August "Trisobbio Music Festival"...The show features songs from their latest two albums "Tracks" and "Wexico". 




New single Snowapple "Baby Blue" | Out May 11th

Snowapple have been spiced up!  Nuevo and novel - Amsterdam's princesses of folk/pop have been embraced by Mexican audiences and Mexican musicians and the influence has rubbed off. Together with four top notch Mexico City talents, Snowapple are releasing their first "Wexico" single on Zip Records.  

May 11 is the release date and wait to you hear this Snowapple classic song transformed into Latin rhythms!

The full length album ("Wexico") will be released on June 11th 2018.

hoes_baby_blue (2).jpg





"Lucy" in the sky with Snowapple!

The cat is out of the bag - the quartet of Mexicans are now fully integrated into Amsterdam's underground darlings Snowapple. Many of the same songs we have come to know and love have not only be "cumbiazied"  but also transformed into visual showpieces. 

"Lucy" is the stage name for an all new approach to off kilter melodies and on point theatrics. 

The only downside to the spring 2018 mini "Lucy"/Snowapple tour is a slight delay in presenting the new album of Snowapple's "south of the border" collaborations. 

New Snowapple album should be available in 

May/June 2018. You will be the first to know!




Snowapple Europe Tour

Snowapple are crisscrossing the European and Baltic zones this summer.  Not only are they gracing the stages in their native Netherlands; these formidable girls are teaming up with their Mexican counterparts to play festivals and clubs in Italy, France, Germany and Latvia.

This is a rare opportunity to see the expanded band and the cambia inflection which drives their songs almost (and sometimes) into dance music. 

From July 20 to July 30 Snowapple play a trio of venues in Riga, Latvia and they will bring more smiles to the faces of folks in the Latvian outback when they sojourn to a couple of smaller cities. People of Latvia will not know what hit them. 

The Latvia tour is a homecoming of sorts for Snowapple's Laura Polence. When she left Riga, little did she suspect  she would ever return with a couple of Dutch songstresses and a Mexican wonder band.  

The Low Country also has a lot of Snowapple in store for them. Between August 3 and August 19, Snowapple +  (Osito, Cynthia, Omar and Dante) carouse the audiences at "the coolest" of the many August festivals in Holland. 

Wanna see Laurien (of Snowapple) dazzle the Baby Burn Festival (Amsterdam) with an impromptu climb to the outer edge of a construction crane?  This is a GRAPHIC 20 second video so please be warned!  (see below)

Snowapple's latest album "Tracks" can be heard wherever and whenever you are ready.  



Snowapple's "Tracks" - Out now in Europe!

Snowapple (Amsterdam) are first off the block in 2017. After a successful launch of "Tracks" in the US in October 2016, a reworked version will soon be available in the Benelux countries. Their home, for God's sake! The official album release show is in Amsterdam on January 29.  To get a start on discovering their new personae, go to their newest music video for song "Any Way". 



Snowapple - Ripe for the picking! New album out October 28th.

With a name and music good enough to eat, Snowapple release their 3rd full-length album in the US on October 28, 2016 - called "Tracks". Each song will transport you to the musical equivalent of heaven. Maybe it is the three part harmonies, maybe it is the seductive and irresistible melodies but their growing legion of fans in the U.S. Mexico, Japan (and their home country of Holland!) are in for a treat.

Snowapple are touring the East Coast (US) starting with their New York appearance at Rockwood Rooms on October 28.

Distributed through SONY/RED, available on all digital sites and "Tracks" is available on CD wherever records are sold these days.

They are the lovechild of the Andrews Sisters and a busy Rufus Wainwright.




Snowapple - Making new tracks across the globe

Snowapple was a little lost in translation, but they managed to travel by plane, bus, boat, mini-van and Shinkansen-train from Tokyo via Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe to the most Southern Japanese Island Kyushu. No surprise........Snowapple dazzle their Japanese fans!   Playing eleven shows and eleven different outfits.