New single Monique Klemann out on Valentine Hangover Day

Celebrate Valentine Hangover Day with the release of single "I'm Not in Love" by the esteemed Monique Klemann of Amsterdam.  Love has never felt so good.....and not so good.  

The music video for "I'm Not in Love" also features several prominent Dutch characters and none of them appear happy.  However the melody of the famous 10cc song will stir the senses and become part of ones daily playlist.


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New EP Rogers & Butler "Diana Dors"

Well loved veterans on Zip Records Ed Rogers and Steve Butler (Smash Palace) have teamed up to create an EP which has captured the hearts of fans and reviewers.  

Released on February 8, "Diana Dors" is the grand sum of its parts and how can we not make notice when Chris White (of "The Zombies" and who know a few things about harmonies and melodies) states that the album has a "great feel" and "strong harmonies"..

UK publication "The Strange Brew" has weighed in on its approval and among other recent accolades, Roger McGuinn (mainstay of the Byrds) writes of the "great new songs of Ed Rogers and Steve Butler".

Also Chris White from the Zombies had nice words to say about “Diana Dors” - " Well recorded, written and sung. Having recorded Diana (later in her life) I know 'she would do it all again' lovely lady. Favourite track is 7 Hour Man - great feel, strong harmonies."

Don't take it from us.......guitar pop lovers, Brit pop fans, and indie rock aficianados will adore "Diana Dors".




ZIP in 2019!


2018 was a motherlode for Zip Records!  It was a year filled with songs charting on radio,  artists touring the countryside and a major purging of any and all cassettes remaining in the office. 

Sabrina Starke, Birgit Schuurman,  Mell & Vintage Future, Monique Klemann, Angela Moyra,  duo (Hans) Dulfer (Cyril) Directie,  and Los Outsaiders were a few of the biggest movers.  Some of them benefitted from Spotify,  some from touring, some from radio, and TV and magazine exposure, some from vinyl/CD sales activities, some from movie appearances and some from appearing with bands like The Killers and Arctic Monkeys.... 

What tied everything together for 2018 were the several genuinely gorgeous recordings and a continuing evolution of Dutch (and Peruvian ) independent music in the world's consciousness. It would be pompous for a small record label to assert that it has any kind of following in Latvia or Brazil or Alaska; however, it is amazing to see the musical borders fall.  Dutch artists are once again getting recognized in distant lands and between other indie labels and Zip, there was notable progress in developing new audiences in 2018.  

As a segue into 2019,  this new year will see Zip artist appearances in China, the US, Sweden, Germany, the UK and with any luck....Spain and Japan.   

There are countless new singles, EP's albums, videos and other tours planned for 2019 as well.  In early 2019 alone will be new ones from Angela Moyra, Mell & Vintage Future, Sabrina Starke, Monique Klemann, Delicious Monsters, Snowapple, and two more big surprises....... so don't go anywhere.

From the Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Alphen aan den Rijn staff at Zip Records.......Happy New Year!

Below a HNY video from our artists!

Photo by Dustin Thierry



Monique Klemann featured act Live In Your Living Room NYC Festival

From 2-11 November, the 8th edition of Live in Your Living Room NYC Festival will take place - featuring Monique Klemann. The festival consists of concerts in a variety of intimate locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Monique will perform live with her band at the famous Bitter End (the birth place of Bob Dylan’s future stardom), Stage 3 of Rockwood Music Hall, Pinks, CitizenM Times Square Hotel and The Netherland Club.  She will also perform in a few unique and beautiful Manhattan and Brooklyn lofts and living rooms. On most nights, Monique will be co-billed by a local NYC act.  

The singing career of Monique Klemann began in the mid 80's as a singer in the band Loïs Lane. Loïs Lane toured with Prince in the early 90s and Prince was enchanted enough to write several tracks for their album 'Qualified'. It was not until 2007 that Monique Klemann pursued a solo career with her album “On Patrol”. In between numerous guest appearances on Dutch television and live shows, Monique remained active recording and performing her own songs. The recent release of a mini-album 'Coool' (2016, Zip Records) showcases Monique in her new incarnation. Just recently, Monique released her brand new single "Sleeping Pill" on Zip Records. Sleeping Pill is the teaser for her full length album - to be released in the spring of 2019. Klemann will debut her new look, her new sound as well as present some of her well known hits in New York City at the Live in Your Living Room NYC Festival.

More info Live In Your Living Room

See tour dates below

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New single "Sleeping Pill" by Monique Klemann - Out Now!

Monique Klemann, is back with a beautiful new single: “ Sleeping Pill”. In her new video she is wearing a dress designed by Ronald vd Kemp who is famous for his unique and sustainable creations. Monique’s career also characterises sustainability, which has survived many obstacles, trends and hypes - and has returned with a new album to be released early 2019 (produced by JB Meijers). The new single has been added to the Spotify New Music Friday and Monday Indie Music playlists. The song has also been picked up by NPO Radio 5 in the Netherlands where Monique was invited to perform an exclusive preview of the track in the week prior to its September release.

Album cover Monique.jpg



Neighboring right to Snowapple! 

Snowapple are a Dutch treasure and they give the locals a thing to brag about.  This summer, Snowapple continue their European touring with a slew of UK, Italian and Belgian dates. Something to keep the neighbours entertained until the eclectic band returns to the Netherlands.

In August they return for the third time to Italy for the 24 August "Trisobbio Music Festival"...The show features songs from their latest two albums "Tracks" and "Wexico". 




New album Sabrina Starke "Underneath the Surface" - out September 28th

The sixth and most anticipated album yet -  "Underneath the Surface" will surface on September 28.  

Incorporating elements of soul, hip hop, jazz and classic pop stylings, Sabrina's new one will be the best way to flight the winter blahs. 

Best of all, the December tour around the major cities of Holland will be places to celebrate the music as it is meant to be! Including the Paradiso Noord (Amsterdam),  Utrecht, Rotterdam, these shows most often sell out so don't delay.

The first single "Live & Learn" is the best teaser for what is to come. Her new songs were born from Sabrina's continuing passion with the themes of inspiration and hope - and inspiration never felt so good!




New album "Another Bump in the Road" by Nigel Bennett - out now!

The second Zip album by London's Nigel Bennett was rushed out to coincide with the infamous "Rebellion Festival" in early August. After all, Nigel has been serving for decades as guitarist for "The Vibrators"  and his following has been underserved by new material for the past several years.  

"Another Bump in the Road" is the title of the new one and check out "The Punk Lounge" (25 July) interview with Nigel! If anyone is qualified to chronicle the life of a touring musician, Nigel is the one. The songs on "Another Bump...." reflect such musings and as Guitar Player Magazine in San Francisco knows all too well, this guy knows his way around a guitar.

But's all about the songs and the new album is packed with guitar based tracks that sound good in all life's situations.  Cruising down Santa Monica Boulevard or waiting for a train at Kings Cross, Bennett's songs reek with a sensitivity that may come as a pleasant surprise when compared with the assault of The Vibrators. 

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